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A new beginning for Otelul Galati

Otelul Galati, the team that won the Romanian football championship in 2011, has been declared in bankruptcy. This means that the the team will not be allowed play anymore in any Romanian League. All Otelul Galati supporters, united, have decided to recreate the team, by starting from the begging. This...


Why to invest in Otelul Galati?

In the following article we will explain why to invest in Otelul Galati is indeed a good business for all interested in making performance in football. 1. Otelul has escaped the debt of the 5 million euro to ANAF. So now, the only debts are to ex players and ex...


ANAF has canceled all Otelul debts

Mihail Bonjinca, one of the Otelul Galati officials, told us that ANAF have cancelled all the debts of the team, meaning 22 milions lei, around 5 milions euro. Mihail Bojinca:” The trial is not over yet, but ANAF has cancelled all the debts. The trial is ending in january because...

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