A new beginning for Otelul Galati

Otelul Galati, the team that won the Romanian football championship in 2011, has been declared in bankruptcy. This means that the the team will not be allowed play anymore in any Romanian League.
All Otelul Galati supporters, united, have decided to recreate the team, by starting from the begging. This means that the new team will start from the 5th or 4th league. The new club, called Suporter Club Otelul Galati, will be the one that will continue to represent all the traditions, history and value of the old club. The legitimacy of the club is given by it’s supporters that stand beside it.
All members of the club will be called socios, and by paying the one-time registration fee and the annual share, they will be allowed to vote for all the important decisions in the club. This means that they will vote for the board of directors, the budget, and so on.
The club will then by managed by the board of directors, until the next election will take place. At any time, any member of the boarding directors can be dismissed, if the majority of the socios vote for this. This will prevent any type of abuse by the people that rule the club.
We are proud to announce that the last two coaches of Otelul Galati in the second Romanian league, Stelian Bordieanu and Sorin Haraga, have joined also our project. They have a lot of experience in managing a football club, and this will help the new club. Also, the new club has managed to convince the majority of coaches from Otelul Galati’s Academy, which will be in charge of training our young talents.
We have also began to take all the legal steps to crate the new club. First of all. We had to register the new name to Ministry of Justice, because without this we cannot go further. The next step was to vote the logo of the new team. All the supporters have met again and vote for the desired logo. The most voted was a logo inspired by the one used by Otelul Galati in the 90’s, of course with a modern look. The club colors will be the same as previous: red, white and blue.
Next will make all the legal steps to create the new club, and also to register the team to the next championship that will start this year. All these steps have the purpose to create a strong club in the historical Romanian region called Moldova.

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