Why to invest in Otelul Galati?

Invest in Otelul GalatiIn the following article we will explain why to invest in Otelul Galati is indeed a good business for all interested in making performance in football.
1. Otelul has escaped the debt of the 5 million euro to ANAF. So now, the only debts are to ex players and ex coaches, which love Otelul and most of them are willing to receive shares to the club instead of money.
2. Otelul can play on one of the best stadiums in Romania. Although additional items can be added, the Otelul stadium can easily receive the licence to play in Liga I. It has a very good pitch, superior to National Arena, Cluj Arena or Ilie Oana stadiums, considered the best in Romania. It has heating so it won’t be a problem in the winter to play on it. In the close future, the hall will buy the stadium from Arcelor Mittal, and Otelul will have the possibility to play for free, due to the fact that the mayor, Marius Stan, is one of Otelul ex players and also ex manager for many years.
3. Otelul is the most important team from the romanian region Moldavia, but also from all the eastern part of Romania. Otelul is a brand in all Romania, and whoever will invest in it will have to keep in mind that a lot of potential fans can be gain in all the country. Otelul has history, a nice record. Also, do not forget that Otelul is already known in all Europe, due to the team’s games in UEFA Cupa, Intertoto Cup or Champions League. A good manager will know how to make money from all of this.
4. Otelul has already a large number of supporters involved in the team’s life. In the last year Otelul has survived only due to the fact that the supporters fought for the team. The suporter’s comunity can be found around sites like dunareabatrana.ro, fcotelulgalati.info, https://fanclubotelulgalati.wordpress.com or http://www.sportgalati.com . Also, another group of supporters have written a magazine before each match, with a lot of interesting articles. Also, there is a official organization of all supporters called LSG93.
This means that Otelul has comitted fans, a big plus for every team.
5. Otelul has a huge potential regarding the people that can buy tickets to matches. Galatz is one of the biggest towns in Romania, and in 2011, when Otelul have won the title, the stadium was overcrowded, because a lot of people wanted to see the games. The only condition that this people to return to stadium is that Otelul will start to win again.
6. Otelul has a good Academy, and during the past years a lot of football players were launched from Galatz and then sold to other teams. Galatz has a great potential for good players, but we can look also to nearby counties, that can provide a huge number of kids to select from. This also requires somebody with marketing knowledge to make the Academy bigger than today.
Otelul is unique in Romania, being the last of the bigger teams,with supporters, with a good stadium, without a interested owner.

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